Shared Hosting or VPS

Very often, owners and administrators of large web portals are interested in the question of what to choose: shared hosting or VPS.

      What is a VPS?

      The acronym VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is the most modern offer in the web hosting market. It is a combination of the functions of a virtual server and a dedicated one.

      A virtual private server or VPS server emulates the operation of a physical machine. On one device, several virtual servers can be started simultaneously. Each of them provides independent management and control, as a regular dedicated server does. All virtual servers have their own independent resources, processes, configuration, are separately administered.

      Benefits of VPS Hosting in Cyprus

      VPS hosting Cyprus has many advantages. Inside a virtual dedicated server, you can:

  • Install programs and applications
  • Change system libraries, create your own
  • Manage any files (add, delete, modify), including the root directory
  • Configure any application software

      In addition, the obvious advantages of VPS hosting include:

  1. Low cost. This is one of the decisive factors when choosing a hosting for any business.
  2. Independence from hardware failures. Physically, VPS servers are not tied to hardware. In the event of a failure, data can easily be transferred to another machine.
  3. Technical support. Responsibility for the operation of the equipment lies entirely with the service provider.
  4. Monopoly ownership of resources. When using a VPS server, it is guaranteed that all resources (processor, RAM, hard disk) belong only to you. No one else can use the allocated hardware resources. This makes the VPS server work fast, independent of other clients.

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