Political Asylum in the USA

If a citizen for one reason or another is persecuted in his/her homeland, he/she can seek political asylum in the United States. This is one of the most widespread methods of immigration. The asylum process is quite time-consuming and lengthy, and it differs from a similar procedure in Europe.

Those foreigners who have been in the United States for no more than 12 months at the time of the petition may apply for a special legal status. It’s better to apply for asylum during your stay in the United States (on your own or with a lawyer). You can apply at the consulate in your native country but the chance of getting a status is slim. When you file a petition at the airport after landing, you are immediately placed in a temporary detention center (immigration prison). Bypassing the stage of the interview, your case is sent to court.

The US Congress has established 5 grounds for providing political asylum.

  • Race: When the country is intolerant of citizens with a different racial background.
  • Nationality: When representatives of non-titular nations are persecuted by the state or organized groups which it cannot control.
  • Religion
  • Political beliefs and activities: membership in opposition parties and movements, an open expression of your civic position.
  • Various social groups, for example, LGBT movements.

It is difficult to determine what “persecution” is. This concept may include not only threats of physical violence or direct risk of imprisonment. Various forms of discrimination and humiliation of human dignity are also considered.

Where can I find help?

It is rather difficult to go through all the steps on your own. Political-asylumusa.com will help you to find a special immigration lawyer who will help you go through all stages of obtaining refugee status. Their first and indisputable advantage is knowing your native language, the second is experience working on these issues, and the third is in-depth knowledge of the legislative framework on this issue. The lawyer will be able to properly prepare you for an interview with the USCIS, represent you in the immigration court if you received a negative answer at the first stage.

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