Political Asylum in the USA


If a citizen for one reason or another is persecuted in his/her homeland, he/she can seek political asylum in the United States. This is one of the most widespread methods of immigration. The asylum process is quite time-consuming and lengthy, and it differs from a similar procedure in Europe.

VPS Hosting – Do You Really Need It?


Many providers position switching to VPS as a remedy to all difficulties that the client’s site experiences. However, this is not always the case. Let’s dig into this topic and clarify when one indeed needs to make a change in hosting type.

Environment – a World Concern


The interaction of industrial production and nature should be considered in unity, as a process of environmental management by state institutions. It is social in nature, as it is committed by people in the framework of labor relations. Since production is an integral part, a public institution of any state, practically all the problems of

Two new Suggs DVDs to be released on 9th May

TV and Radio

Two new Suggs DVDs are due for release on 9th May 2011. Both are available for pre-order on Amazon.co.uk (details below). The TV series “Suggs Disappearing London” and “Suggs In Soho” have the Madness frontman exploring his home of London and were well received by Madness fans in their original airing. From Amazon.co.uk: —– Suggs

Lee Thompson interview on Oxford Radio (archived)

TV and Radio

Yesterday, 14th of April, Madness saxophonist Lee “Thommo” Thompson was interviewed on Oxford Radio. Amongst the topics discussed were his forthcoming Ska Orchestra gigs, the early days of Madness, and Baggy Trousers being re-recorded by Madness for a beer commercial in a slower, acoustic style. You can listen to the archived interview (starting at about