How to Choose Furniture Color?

When choosing new furniture for home, in addition to other nuances, there is always the question: “How to choose the color of furniture?”. When it comes to the color scheme, you have to think about it. The interior of the apartment is a single embodiment of all the elements and their perfect combination. In order for the furniture to fit all the elements, including walls, floors and other decorative products, you need to make the right decision.

      Let’s consider the characteristics of the primary colors individually.

      Red is preferable for home office or kitchen. It increases and makes furniture heavier, so this is not the best option for a living room. It goes well with brown, burgundy, green and a shade of sea wave.

      Orange color is a good choice for a nursery or bedroom. Autumn color charges positively and encourages action. Experimenting, you can combine this with white, blue, brown, beige and gray.

      Yellow is the best option for the living room. This color is light, pleasant and airy. It will give a wonderful atmosphere after a working day and positively charge a cheerful company. You can combine it with green, blue, brown and red.

      Green color is suitable for a modern interior and can be chosen as the main background. It is more natural, resembles spring and makes the room brighter. It looks good with natural furniture in wood color. The combination with red, white and burgundy will create a good palette.

      The blue color is calm, neutral and soothing. You can safely experiment with it and create masterpieces.

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