Environment – a World Concern

The interaction of industrial production and nature should be considered in unity, as a process of environmental management by state institutions. It is social in nature, as it is committed by people in the framework of labor relations. Since production is an integral part, a public institution of any state, practically all the problems of society are characteristic of it. The mutual influence of industry and the environment appears to be a component of the ecological system “man – nature.”

      Environmental problems are extremely relevant both for an individual enterprise and the entire industrial complex of the country, and for the Earth as a whole. The development of industry, on the one hand, is the result of scientific and technological progress and the production activity of people. On the other hand, industry is the main consumer of natural resources and a powerful source of pollution. Despite the fact that the environmental safety of individual industrial facilities is constantly increasing, in the whole country environmental protection issues are becoming more acute which is caused by a number of objective and subjective reasons. The quantitative and qualitative improvement of industrial enterprises as one of the elements of the enterprise-environment ecosystem invariably leads to a quantitative-qualitative change in another element of this ecosystem – nature, and the development of enterprises takes these changes to a qualitatively new level. Thus, an increase in production capacity at the enterprise and an increase in output lead to an increase in the amount of consumed resources – and, therefore, to an increase in harmful emissions into the environment.

      How to be environmentally friendly?

GreenPower is an international company of bioenergy industry. It works on manufacturing environmentally friendly charcoal kilns and other equipment for processing waste. We offer the following equipment for charcoal production:

  • Continuous charcoal kiln BIO-KILN: BIO-KILN is a patented, eco-friendly installation created for heat treatment of various plant materials.
  • Charcoal kiln EKKO-2: This kiln uses the technology of low-temperature pyrolysis for obtaining high-quality charcoal and heat energy.
  • Charcoal kiln “Continuous”: It is designed for continuous charcoal production from wood.

      GreenPower gives you an exceptional opportunity to become eco-friendly and raise money on it. Join up!



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