Connecting to a virtual server via SSH protocol

The VPS (VDS) servers are becoming more and more popular all over the world because of their multifunctionality, cheapness, and comfort. To use the VPS you need to connect it, first. Sometimes people are surprised by self-tuning, so our articles can be useful for them.


How to connect the VPS (VDS) via SSH protocol?


You can control the server through the console while connecting via SSH protocol. To start the process of connecting, you need to download the simple SSH-client, such as ZOC, Bitvise, or PuTTY. Then you need to open it (or press Ctrl + Alt + T to open the terminal) and fill the next gaps: Port number and HostName. Take into account that the basic port number is 22. You should change it to avoid problems of hacking by Bruteforce. Be sure that you have chosen the SSH type of connection. Press the button “Open”. Then you will see the Nickname and Password gaps. Fill them with the right information. You might already have these data or you need to create new ones. 


What should you know about the SSH protocol?


There are many functions of the SSH protocol. It is connecting without a password, the transmission of information, or script execution on a remote server. Now we are going to answer all your questions.


The main command looks like this:


$ ssh [options] user [email protected] [command]


There are lots of commands that facilitate the use of server functions: 


  • q – to don’t show error messages;
  • p – port on the remote machine;
  • f – if you want to put ssh in the background;
  • l – user name in the system;
  • history – to show the last 50 used commands;
  • find – to search for different files;
  • touch – to create a new file;
  • ls – to show the whole files on the directory;
  • mkdir – to create a new directory.


As you can see, the list of commands is large, so we can’t write it all.

The connecting by SSH protocol is the most convenient and popular. If you doubt your VPS choice, pay attention to the Latvia VPS. On this site, you can choose any location. Be on the right track with Host World!

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