Clive Langer’s “Shipbuilding” Number 2 in Q magazine poll

Mark Adamson over at the Deaf School site passed along some great news about (one of two of our) favourite Madness producers, Clive Langer. Here’s Mark:

In case any of you is NOT a reader of Q Magazine, we thought we’d bring to your attention that there is a poll published in the April edition where singers, songwriters and Q readers nominated and voted for the ‘50 Ultimate British Songs’. ‘Shipbuilding’, the song written by our very own Clive Langer with Elvis Costello was voted as Number Two! Recorded in 1982 by Elvis (Costello, not post-humously by Presley), and more famously by Robert Wyatt of course, the song was nominated by Brett Anderson of Suede.

More than a producer, Clive is a stellar songwriter as well. If you weren’t aware, Clive has a songwriting credit to his name on the Madness song “Coldest Day.”

Big congratulations to Clive on his achievement!

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