About ISiTechnology

The medical industry is the most developing in the world now because there is nothing more important than our health. Agree that no best doctor can help if it is difficult to get to him. Moreover, the elderly and people with disabilities need constant monitoring of their health. NEMT, healthcare, and homecare companies play an extremely important role in the United States. However, sometimes start-up companies or companies whose development has stopped need additional help to cope with their everyday challenges. For this reason, we have created our iSiTechnology project.


Why should you choose us?

An iSiTechnology project is a powerful software for NEMT, homecare, and healthcare companies. We believe how important it is to be on time for a call from a customer who is waiting for an appointment with a doctor. Homecare is a very important field in the USA medical system. The elderly and people with disabilities have a need for everyday care and monitoring of their health state. For these reasons, we want to improve the performance of such companies, speed of transportation, as well as conditions for customers.

The system of our iSiTechnology project consists of several projects, which add each other and creates an extremely useful software product. We work with several tasks at once, so we need help from other projects to improve the performance of NEMT, homecare, and healthcare companies. 

We believe that the correct system of scheduling, routing, billing, and dispatching can provide an excellent opportunity to increase income and reduce costs for car repairs, car fuel for transportation, and other equipment. You can forget about difficult reimbursement, payments, and insurance claims. The best routes and schedules will save time. https://isi-technology.com/ tries to improve the quality and productivity of your company. We hope to make our world better. 

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